Comparative Guts

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A Brave Warrior with Guts

(1991)”Luo Tong Sweeps the North”, Caiyuan dong’an’gong Temple, Magong CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Wall painting is an adequate to transmit the religion’s value. This painting in a Taoist temple depicts a scene before the heroic sacrifice of a fictional warrior. When General Luo Tong joined Emperor Tang Taizong’s (reign 626-649) expeditionary force, he encountered a formidable enemy. His opponent pierced his body. Luo burst in the middle and his inward parts gushed out. However, regardless of his injury, Luo Tong quickly bandaged the intestines that flowed out after returning to the camp, and immediately mounted the horse again to challenge his foe. The other party was frightened at his bravery and died under his spear. Admiring Luo Tong as a dreadnought, the people deified him and set up temples to worship him. This romance has also become an idiom “fighting with coiled guts” to describe the fearless spirit of struggling to the end.