Comparative Guts

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3D Model Embedded in the Greco-Roman Anatomical Atlas

Copyright: ATLOMY (ERC StG GA 852550) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Step into the Atlas and use it to explore the model and to learn about Aristotle’s ideas of the anatomy of the digestive system and about his anatomical terminology. You might recognize some terms! You will see the model in the Atlas 3D viewer. Use your mouse to view it from different angles, or to dig deeper: to view inner layers, to learn about the names of parts and access the lexical and historical discussions about the Greek terms, or to learn more about the anatomical details or about the research and sources informing this model.

You can rotate (Left-click + Drag), Zoom in/out (Scroll wheel), Left-click on an organ to see details or Right-click on it to choose to hide or fade an organ.