Comparative Guts

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3D Modelling of the Guts according to Aristotle

Copyright: ATLOMY (ERC StG GA 852550) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The next stage towards a visual reconstruction of Aristotle’s conception of guts is creating the 3D model. Based on the Table of Instructions the modellers use 3D-modelling software to create the model: from an initial 3D illustration of the structures, through geometrical enhancement (to smooth connections, increase resolution and decreasing the file size), to the design of the visual appearance and texture of the parts. The process of creating a visual interpretation of the ideas described in the text forces a more nuanced understanding of the text than one required by an interpretation presented verbally in a book or article. The modellers frequently consult the researchers to clarify anatomical details, resulting in an improved understanding of the ancient texts and revisions of the modelling instructions. Thus, the modelling process both creates the research output and is also an inherent part of the research process.