Comparative Guts

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From Text to Model: The Guts according to Aristotle

Copyright: ATLOMY (ERC StG GA 852550) Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A depiction of the first stages towards creating a 3D model of the human guts as described in Aristotle’s treatise Inquiries on Animals. The interdisciplinary team facilitates a unique analysis which bridges the gap between the text and Aristotle’s empirical observations informing it.

First, we translate and analyze the Ancient Greek text from the printed modern edition which is based on the manuscripts. The analysis includes the classification of anatomical words by categories such as body parts, adjectives and more.

Digital tagging of the categories facilitates further textual analysis by Machine-Learning tools.The next step is the analysis of the text together with experts in veterinary and human anatomy and by performing animal dissections to clarify and observe key anatomical structures described in the text.

Finally, we compile a Table listing the body parts and their names and instructions for creating the 3D model based on our interpretation of Aristotle’s description.