Comparative Guts

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The Lower Cinnabar Field

Li Jiong’s Neijing tu 内景圖 (Chart of the Inner Landscape, (1269)) Huangdi bashiyi nanjing zuan tu jujie in Zhengtong Daozang 1436–49, Hanfen Lou, Shanghai (Ming edition of the Daoist Canon) Wellcome Library, London, L0034715.

Cross-reference: Maps of the inner sceneries • from the right side, D | 16
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International; Credit: Chinese 15th century Daoist image of internal topography. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain Mark

In this set of images we see a close up of the abdominal area of Li Jiong’s Neijing tu 内景圖 (Chart of the Inner Landscape, (1269)). This is a section of the Lower and Middle Cinnabar Fields. The Lower Cinnabar Field is located around the navel, below the diaphragm. The chizi 赤子(Red Infant) signifying the pursuit of immortality hangs below the navel. The kidneys are depicted as the material counterpart to Ming Men 命門, the Gate of Destiny. A Qi Lun 臍輪 (navel cakra) attaches to the dragon and tiger representing True Yin and True Yang, representing the integration of Indian cultivation practices.